Who the Heck are these Peeps?  

Christina comes from a small town in Missouri, just north of Kansas City.  Her Mom was an avid outdoors woman. Her knowledge of native edibles, mushrooms, and the land turned an after lunch hike into unforgotten discoveries.  Her Dad was retired Navy, and enjoyed fishing by row boat on the local river. Christina is a simple blend of the two. She’s strong, smart and caring.  She enjoys cooking, nurturing friends, and entertaining. Christina worked in banking for many years, and became a full time mom at home when our first son was born.  During those years she practiced art and self employment at home. She and a girlfriend ran a small business making hand crafted luxury soaps. She enjoys photography and editing and has a dozen other small crafts she hustles around her studio.  Christina has a clear connection between her mind and her hands, and it always shows when she is working. Christina works with Heartconnexion Seminars. She helps organize and leads the volunteers in the Breakththrough seminars. She has a strong heart to listen and support others.

I was a commercial artist for over 11 years.  I always enjoyed the work, and found the most peace at work at a drawing table.  I switched careers when we started a family and ran a nice auto shop in Kansas City for several years when the kids were young, then became self employed, working on antique houses.  The work is pretty creative and after 18 years of it, I still find it quite rewarding. Our youngest son became involved in cyclocross when he was in high school. Christina did all the driving and managed his road trips.  I got involved with the local team coach and started a program we still lead called Donderdag! Youth Cyclocross Clinics. Donderdag! has grown into a 501 3C Non-Profit and I serve as board President. I will definitely share more about it at a later time. We coach kids and families from September to January every year.  I love the sport, and working with the kids and families inspires my heart and mind. It’s a place where simple time and attention to a young person can make all the difference in their lives.

We’ve always enjoyed the outdoors together.  Early we liked to car camp with our friends locally, and a couple times a year we’d go backpack something fun and off the beaten path.  Favorite times. We had kids about 3 years after we married and they were in tents and backpacking early and often. Our oldest son was nursing in a tent at 6 weeks old. They both vacationed, camped, and backpacked with us in Colorado, New Mexico, and the Grand Tetons.  One of our favorite trips with the kids was in the Black Hills in south Dakota, watching a big cabin tent come loose and blow across the campground while we we sitting up on a bluff looking down…. It was ours! Life and connection with the earth spills over into our kitchen. I’ve been vegetarian for a long time, and when we married, Christina had no problem finding recipes she liked to cook.  We’re mostly vegan now days, and I’m still the luckiest guy in town when it comes to great food at home.

Christina and I surround ourselves with things in life that instill joy in the human spirit.  We love funny movies with our kids, and laugh so loud that it surprises other people in the room.  We hosted my family reunion together for 30 years, in our home. Basically a weekend dog pile of food, laughter and zaniness. She’s always been a good sport.  We loved going to musicals, band events, and art shows our kids were in at their schools. We love to be inspired. And so here we find ourselves. The kids have been out of the house for a couple years. We are nowhere near retirement, and I’m ready to change my job.  We’ve been wishing for an off grid house forever, but never thought we could afford one. We joked about getting a tiny house and moving onto our friend’s driveways. We tested the water in a little A-frame camper about 4 years ago, and every time we drove toward home after a weekend in the little camper, all we talked about was how great it would be to hit the road.  To live fully in the dreams we keep sharing. To take a dare before we grow up enough to know better. So this is our place in time. We’ve always been seekers.

To Seeking Less and Finding More!


One thought on “Who the Heck are these Peeps?  

  • It is my fondest hope that you never grow up enough to know better. In spite of our ages are planning more adventures in May and July this year. This old Septuagenarian and Octogenarian have two trips already planned this year in our little Class C!


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