Why THIS Avion?

Avion coaches are a little rare, and can be hard to find.  We wanted a 34 foot coach as it will be our full time home.  We found a coach in Michigan that we felt was a perfect fit. After several phone calls and emails with the owner, and agreeing to a price, I took time off work and we drove the 9 hour trip to Michigan.  We visited the coach and took a good look at things, we were ready to buy. As we discussed on the phone, I offered the amount we discussed..  cash.  He glanced at his wife, who shook her head “NO”!  The price I offered was already a premium price for the condition of the coach, so I thanked them for their time and left the house.  I think I had steam coming out my ears, my wife could tell from the inside the car, the deal fell through…

We still had a night in the hotel booked and decided to make the best of it.  After hours of searching, we found a 34V just south of St. Louis, that just came on the market.  It also happened to be on our way home. We called the seller and told him our story, he agreed to meet us on a Sunday.  Arriving around noon, we found all sorts of travel trailers, with several aluminum coaches in one section. Avions, Airstreams, and a 1940’s Spartan.  He had an Avion slide out camper, too. There she was, our dear Luna. On a slope, and with the tongue high. The coach looked a little rough, but we knew what to look for after hours of reading online articles.  The seller opened the door and we walked in. Summer heat and a closed coach with some water coming in, make for a pretty musty interior. I think Christina was barely breathing. I toughed it out and opened everything. Every single thing. The coach was quite intact.  All there, but had hosted some rodents, and mildew was found inside some cabinets. I carefully inspected floor, finding only one soft area. That was good news. The bad news was, climbing the ladder I found the roof coated, and it was a mess.

But the coach was smiling at us.  She was solid and proud. Deserving of love and attention.  We struck a deal with the seller, several thousand dollars less than we would have paid in Michigan.  We even made arrangements for the seller to deliver the coach to our home 4 hours away in Kansas. We laughed all the way home, realizing our dreams were coming true.  We were freaked out that we had taken these steps, but so excited to move forward. Several weeks later, the coach was delivered to our home. The seller was amazing. A true aluminum trailer fan, he carefully backed the coach onto our driveway and parked it right in front of the house.

We had to fight our friends off from coming by,  Luna had to be cleaned.  I went to work pressure washing the exterior, including the insides of the lower storage areas.  Opening all the windows I vacuumed everything I could get to. We pulled out the awnings and were glad to see them in great shape too. When you wash something from top to bottom, you get a good look at things.  The coach was in better shape than I remembered. We left an ozone generator running in the coach for days to reduce the odors, it worked great. After days of cleaning we had a “before” party. All our friends finally got to visit Luna.  We had cocktails and snacks and hung out in our new home. Our friends have always known us to live our lives fully, and choose the path we love the most. None of them were surprised at our adventure. Luna was home, scrubbed clean and loving the sun.  Blessed by laughter, and life giving friends, Luna began to shine brightly, ready to see her days extended with her new found family.

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