Our next house…

We’ve always had cool houses.  Early in our marriage we bought a 1915 craftsman house, worked on it like crazy.  It was cool. Tons of character and a formal first floor where dinners and parties flourished.  Our next house, the one we live in now, is a 1952 mid-century modern. With 27 feet of floor to ceiling windows across the back, it has an amazing view.  It boasts a one-off Belgium glass wall in the kitchen, and of course, a dining room that has hosted any number of parties. We like our houses like we like our friends, easy to be around and full of character.  I had settled on a company that delivered tiny house trailers, with the house framed in metal studs, ready to be finished. Christina was convinced she wanted more freedom of movement than a tiny house, and the search for a travel coach began.  

We are not what most consider “normal”.  We are a little off the beaten path, and full of texture and richness.  We like our coffee, tools, electronics, cookware and cars made with quality and care. We don’t want a lot, but we want it to be good. And if it’s a few years old, we’re ok with that too.   We looked for the same in a travel coach, our next home. We wanted to be able to handle at least a little bit of cold weather. And we knew that if we were going to make it, we needed some space, even though there will only be two of us and a dog.  We wanted a coach that is low profile and streamlined. Being the creative, funny, zany people we are, we definitely wanted a ton of character in our home. Coming home from work one day, I found Christina headlong into another of her online expeditions, she discovered Avion travel coaches.  We fell in love. For Christina, the coach had that cool look of an aluminum and rivet exterior. She loved the use of real wood cabinetry inside. And she really liked the floor plan of the 34V. I too love the aluminum exterior, and even more, the aluminum interior coated walls and aluminum wall and roof framing.  When I read the words “aircraft style construction”, my little tiny gear head brain was hooked. I love the heavy duty frame, three independent axles and a fully enclosed belly pan. When I saw the dovetail joint drawers, I was impressed. We wanted a fixer upper, knowing we would be making some changes to the floor plan to fit our style.  A fixer upper meant we could stay in our budget too. Reflecting on some of our friends fifth wheels, I noted the lack of a “basement” in the Avion. Ok by me, we have lived in a slab house for 14 years, and I’ve rarely missed having a basement. Less junk piling up, and less to keep clean. Another thing we like about the Avion is it’s low stance.  Only one step into the coach. This will be challenging for us in some road conditions, but being low, out of the wind and having such ease of movement means a lot to us. Overall the Avion demonstrates careful construction, rivets everywhere and nicely installed cabinetry. A heavy duty frame, doubled up over the axles ensures long lasting service. The interior floor is three layers, with a foam insulation layer laminate in the center, and walls, years ahead of their time, filled with solid foam insulation.  The tow vehicle we just purchased for our Avion is a 2012 Chevy Express 3500, with the Duramax diesel. The Chevy and the Avion are very similar in height, especially with the kayaks on top. For me, this creates a slipstream with the van punching into the air with little resistance from the low profile coach. Even with almost no experience towing a 34 foot trailer, I can’t wait to get this rig on the road. With a planned speed of no more that 60-65 miles per hour, some books on CD and a windshield full of American landscapes, we think our Avion 34V will make for amazing adventures.  Thanks for joining us.

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