Take a breath… let’s catch up!

A year ago we were dreaming of a different life. A tiny house, an adventure, all of the excitement that could come from just selling everything we own and hitting the road. Well.. we bought our beautiful (to us) Luna, we worked hard on her for a year. This coming Friday we close on the sell of our sticks and bricks home. Dreams are coming true..

We started this blog to share out story and our progress, and somewhere between home and “the new house”.. we couldn’t figure out what to share, how to time it, what to say to explain what was happening in our lives. Our emotions were high.. and have only gotten higher! Our physical strength and endurance has been challenged, mostly for Jonas for sure. He is a work horse. Plain and Simple.

So here we are today, the 2nd of July.. and we want to update you! Our Luna is almost complete, but in the words of one of my dearest friends Dad…she’s plenty good enough. We will have some odds and ends to finish on the road, but we can live quite beautifully in what we have made. In fact, we may be pretty smitten with her.

Our plans are to head out tomorrow afternoon and drive to Clinton Lake where we will home base for the next couple months and get our plans more defined. So when you ask… where will you go next? We will tell you soon, or when we decide.

The blog will now be updated regularly, and we can’t wait to share more photos and tell you what we have been up to and where we are planning to be. We are greatful for all the love and support we have been given.. we could not have done this in the ways and with the peace that we have, without each of you. Thank you, and Thank you for sharing our story with others.

Heading back out to paint! Wish us luck… tomorrow is pretty soon.

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