8 Days to Go!

We are 8 days away from leaving our driveway with the next house. 11 days from closing on the sale of the sticks and bricks home we have lived in for 14 years. It feels insane.

Every time a storm blows through I realize we’ll be in an 8500 pound aluminum tube during future thunder storms. Every morning I walk through an almost completely empty house, comfortably make a pot of french press coffee, waking to the fact that these wide open rooms will soon be behind us. And every morning my lovely bride shuffles out of the bedroom, half asleep and ready for a cup of joe. Within an hour, she’s making lists, kicking me in the can to get to work and joking about our adventure. Rock. Fucking. Solid. A champ to the enth degree. She inspires me. She props me up when I wobble and she hold me tight when I hold her first. This is where the truth shines brightest.

These are the moments when I know, as sure as the sun rising in the east, that we are a team. This project has taken everything we both have. Courage, ingenuity, creativity, strength and above all a sense of humor. This journey would simply not be the same without Christina Jonas. Onward!

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