The Luna Journals. Covid 19 and the perspectives we choose.


Right now it’s easy to imagine a lot going against us. We’re watching a virus shut down commerce, social gatherings and our sense of security. Folks around us are buying shelves bare, standing in lines outside gun stores and blaming whoever they can. Many are being sent home without pay, those who are promised pay may never see it, and plenty of these people don’t have a lot in savings. Like the last recession, personal bankruptcy is going to wear a lot of Americans out. The small businesses that do manage to keep cash flowing will be operating in a stumbling economy. Media provides a flurry of perspectives, from simple science that has long predicted pandemics to conspiracy theories pointing fingers at communist countries or rogue labs. From the top down, things are weird. Here in the Luna household, our imagination runs the gambit. We can imagine a lot is going against us, personally or as a society, or we can imagine things going for us. We practice positive thinking. We were in sunny Florida not less than a month ago, planning our trip to Texas for and Avion rally, when Christina said, “let’s surprise Michael (our brother in law) on his 50th birthday”. We snuck all the way, 1342 miles, from Parrish Florida to Kansas City Missouri, without anyone figuring it out. As planned we surprised Michael, with some help from Christina’s sister, at a breakfast restaurant in Kansas City on the morning of his birthday. We hugged, shared some tears of joy and ate breakfast with him, his wife and our nephews. We kept the secret until the next night when we surprised our grown sons, with the help of their girlfriends, again, sharing hugs, eating great food and watching movies together. All along we listened to the growing news and watched as our nation succumbed to the undeniable truth of Covid-19. While it’s been a challenge to shop for food and sundries, we see the good fortune we have been gifted. The universe put us in our home town, at our favorite local Kansas State Park (that remains open to this day), close to our kids and close to our primary care physician and familiar local hospitals. What amazing luck. How could our situation be any better? Staying focussed and calm, we’ve sorted our food stocks, kept the van fuel tank full, and top Luna’s freshwater tank regularly. We’ve also continued our daily walks outside for fresh air, sunshine and general release of anxiety and cabin fever. We’re practicing social isolation, and when we do go shopping Christina stays in the van while I do all the shopping, disinfecting as I go, carefully cleaning myself up before I hop back in to drive. When we get home from every outing, we wash and wash and wash, and hit the nebulizer and colloidal silver. As usual, we eat like kings, cooking our favorite foods, having a cocktail and loving every day given to us. Funny movies and movies having nothing to do with sadness or fear are our evening escapes. While we work hard to fight off C19, our number one goal is to kick fear to the door. Reminding ourselves we are strong, courageous people. We hold our kids, family, and friends in our hearts. Our message to you, fear not. Keep your heads and practice known strategies for success in this situation. Don’t risk your health or others by ignoring C19 guidelines. And most of all, get outside, feel the warmth of the sun, work up a little sweat and breathe deeply the air around you, all the while reminding yourself to make good choices, to be courageous and to take action that is positive and up-lifting. Onward friends. Your family, community, and nation will be inspired by your positive acts.  

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