Where is your adventure in life?

Living full time in a travel coach has a lot going for it. We don’t thrive on super exciting adventures in white water, zip lines, or action-oriented activities. The lifestyle we live is exciting enough. Going outside at 2:30 am in a sudden wind storm to tie down awnings and covered bikes can be very exciting. Pulling the coach with the van in traffic, tight parking lots and rough roads provide plenty of heart-racing moments. And living so close to the outdoors means bugs, mice, birds, horses, and all kinds of other critters invade our space. Just yesterday a pony flipped my work table, covered in tools, over onto the ground. How do you shoo a pony away?! This lifestyle is an adventure at its very foundation, almost every day. So for us, the real adventure is in the heart and mind. Since we are alone a lot, we find ourselves living deeply within. And even though our little house is only 34 feet long, we can sit and read, listen to podcasts, watch videos and focus on the things we love the most, without being in each other’s way. Christina loves to cook. She can surf recipes for hours, pick one out, and make the best vegan pizza I’ve ever tasted. Fluffy crust with a decoration on the edges, simple ingredients laid carefully in place with an artful eye. All measured, mixed, and baked in our solar-powered kitchen. It takes time, and yesterday I could smell the cooking outside while I worked on the coach making repairs. I couldn’t wait to see what she was making and the whole field smelled like beautiful food. Christina also loves artwork. She spends time at her desk, felting, sketching, and creating. From the heart. From the mindful adventure inside. Thriving in the open space of her thoughts and emotion, interests, direction, and journey. Not once have I ever heard her complain of boredom, she lives this life fully.

For me, I still live the adventure of tools and materials. We left our house a year sooner than we thought we would, so I’m still making improvements to the coach. In the last few days, I’ve rebuilt all the access doors, added wind braces to the chimney and presently I’m fortifying the front exterior wall over the tongue. How can that be an adventure? Easy, we’re in a field, with no pavement, no shelter from the rain, and a limited set of tools. I’ve learned to throw everything into the van in seconds when a cloudburst tries to soak everything. Kneeling may include rocks, cactus, or big black beetles everywhere. The sun is relentless at 8,360 feet, and the wind blows until my dried out arms look like leather.

Yesterday I woke up to a flat tire on Sunny the van and had to change it, on a slope, in dirt and rock. It took two tries since the van slid off the jack the first time. In between chores, I enjoy jogging, cutting firewood, and being near the land and sky. I don’t think a day goes by when I am not awestruck by a bug, critter or bird, and the skies always remind me I’m barely attached to the earth and free to live so. I feel fully alive in these moments. One adventure after another. Simple moments, hours, and days and nights. The adventure of a lifetime, living fully from our hearts, following the direction our minds seek the most, and practicing gratitude for the opportunity to do so. Today we hope you find your adventure. The one you follow daily, expressing yourself and the passions you feel, living fully from your heart and mind, no matter where you are.

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