Installing the PrecisionTemp Water Heater.

When we bought our ‘79 Avion 34V, we knew we’d be replacing all the appliances.  The water heater was probably original, and crusty and dirty.  After a lot of research, we settled on the PrecisionTemp tankless water heater.  It was mid-range in pricing for these units and made in the US.  We’d had a tankless water heater in the house for years.  We understood the way it worked, loved the constant water temperature and endless volume of hot water, delivered at exactly 104 degrees.  The PrecisionTemp arrived well protected in its shipping box and ready to go.  The old water heater came out easy enough and went on the pile for the metal scrapper.  The hole in the sidewall was smaller than the PrecisionTemp unit.  So I cut the wall opening larger, added some frame support and a drip pan in case the unit ever springs a leak toward the interior. 

The drip pan was also tilted to match the outside wall angle. A couple of hand made aluminum brackets fortified the bottom corners of the opening.  Once the hole was ready to go, the unit slid in with no problem.  White urethane tape was used along with stainless screws to secure the unit to the sidewall.  PrecisionTemp sells their heater covers separately, so you can buy the one you prefer for your coach.  We ordered the aluminum, unpainted cover for our coach.  The water heater is located inside the bathroom cabinet, under the electrical panels, and below the storage area.  I had to do a little modification to the cabinet interior walls to fit the unit.  When we replumbed the coach with PEX, we tied into the unit with two simple ½” to ⅜” SharkBite couples.  A new flex LP line and shutoff were added, and the wiring was connected to the original switch upfront at the Avion control panel.  The unit uses 12 volts, for the electronics, lighting spark, and cold temperature protection. No 110v supply is needed.  I also added a tiny red LED bulb to the outside of the cabinet.  This shows when the water heater is powered up, this is important since the unit requires power to protect against freezing.  We live full time in our coach, using hot water for dishes, quick cowboy showers, regular showers, and long showers at our outdoor shower.  The unit works flawlessly.  It even works fine during low flow usage, and the water is plenty hot.  We’ve been full time for over 18 months, so far so good.  We are really happy with this little water heater.  

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