We are Jonas and Christina… we are the Seekers of Luna and the Seekers. Luna is our 34 foot Avion motor coach, so named from a beautiful piece of art a dear friend of ours crafted. I’ll share more about that art in a post someday I’m sure. We have two sons, who are grown and thriving, and we have a daughter to be joining our family in September of 2020 by way of marriage to our youngest son. We are joyous for this.

Indie, Jonas, and Christina at Topsail Hill Preserve in Florida.

We also travel with our most amazing of companions, Indiana Jonas Adventure Dog! He joined our family after we had moved into Luna and were preparing to set out on our dream of traveling full time. He is Jack Russell, Dishrag, something else, and probably even more. He looks like an old man, but is actually just a pup.

We originally come from the Kansas City area, and sold our home in Overland Park, Kansas in July of 2019. Our hope is to travel as long as we are enjoying it, and finding new adventures and places to explore. We love “Seeking Less and Finding More” in our lives. Seeking less stress, less waste, less drama.. you know what I’m talking about! We love finding the MORE in all of the simple days we are having. We will be sharing our story, things we love to eat, things we see, things we love.. who knows what else!

Thanks for joining us!

On the road… again.


The life you dream of should look an awful lot like the one live.


And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

John Muir

The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind.

Bobby Davro